Custom packs

Our unique customized party treats are a fun addition to any celebration! Perfect for weddings, corporate events,bridal & baby showers, birthdays, and more that are created to suit your tastes.

Minimum order of 50 packs with a minimum of 3 working days requirement for delivery after payment.

Box Packs

Custom box packs with 55g caramel popcorn for ₦300

Big Box Packs

Custom box packs with 165g caramel popcorn for ₦450

Favour Box Packs

Custom favour boxes with 55g caramel popcorn for ₦500

Ribbon Packs

Nice transparent packs with custom stickers and ribbons for ₦200

Cone Packs

Lovely cone packs with custom stickers and ribbons for ₦200

Sticker Packs

Popcorn sticker packs for ₦200

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