Caramel Popcorn (55g)


Individual 55g packs
Minimum order: 20packs

Great value @₦100 per pack

Shipping details

Mainland Shipping for ₦700 covers deliveries across Lagos Mainland (up to 2 working days for delivery)

Island shipping for ₦500 covers Vi, Ikoyi, Marina, Lekki 1 to Chevron (same day or next day delivery)

Free Shipping for orders over ₦10,000 (up to 3 working days) VI/Ikoyi/Lekki/Marina/Yaba/Surulere/Ikeja ONLY

Courier Delivery for all other areas not covered above or for guaranteed same day/next delivery

Outside Lagos delivery – Actual cost dependent on location and will be confirmed by email.

Minimum order: 20packs

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  1. someeto

    Super delicious and addictive. I love it..

  2. Benjamin

    Its lovely! I was surprised it was made in Nigeria.

  3. Adebayo Olumuyiwa

    A friend came to the house yesterday with caramel popcorn and i have not been able to get over the taste since then.

  4. Antele Toluhi

    Delicious popcorn

  5. Olajumoke Aruwayo

    hmmmm…the taste is specials..nothing beats my soyummyng popcorn..i just finished from a six hours meeting, tired and hungry..Soyummy caramel popcorn to the rescue…PS thanks for the extras

  6. Jackie J

    Absolutely delicious. Cant belive it was made in Lekki ( My neighbourhood). Please you have to keep it coming….. why out of stock!!

  7. Umoh Edidiong

    I love it

  8. Nkem N.

    OMG. Not a fan of pop-corn but this is the BOMB.
    Please maintain the quality control. Proudly Naija.

  9. Topsy

    SoYummy is the best caramel popcorn in Lagos……absolutely delicious!!!

  10. vivienne

    Really love the taste. My kids love it too.

  11. Abi Yusuf

    I’m officially addicted

  12. Shadrach victory Samuel

    We talk of popcorn
    We talk of caramel why cas it’s crunchy soYummy the best the wole family enjoys caramel popcorn so solicitous
    Keep going with the best quality
    GOD bless

  13. Yewande

    The whole process is simply awesome. The popcorn cones I ordered for my son were such a hit.

  14. Oba goodness

    I am sooooooooooooooooooooo addicted to it… Buh rite now I can get it in my neighborhood…. I miss my soyummy

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